Eye on IEI

Posted: 7/8/2015

In this edition of the Eye on IEI, we take a look at the growth for the 2015 year. For starters, IEI had the ribbon-cutting for both the Springfield, IL and Omaha, NE offices. Internally, IEI experience further expansion, adding Theodore St. Germaine as the New York operations manager, Christine Marecki, Corporate HR Manager in Chicago, and Greg S. Ellis, P.E., construction inspection manager in Indianapolis. Also, Raspal Bajwa, senior project manager, finds himself growing alongside IEI after 12 years of dedicated work.

IEI received recognition for its hard work and continued growth. IEI was honored with the 2015 ACEC Engineering Excellence MERIT Award for the Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355) Resurfacing and I-Bridge Repairs, I-55 to Army Trail Road.

During 2014 and 2015, IEI highlighted its project work on the play-lots for the Chicago Public Schools, adding 49 lots over the past two years. Keep your Eye on IEI to see where else we plan to bloom and blossom for 2015!